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finally getting the chance to upload pictures of this!

for my art 4 class this year i was given a collage / assemblage project. i decided to combine my project into both a collage and assemblage by making spades slick here. let it be known that THIS WAS DONE BEFORE THE UPDATE WHERE WE REALIZE HE IS STILL ALIVE. anyway here are some details about slick here:

  • HE IS INDEED DOUBLE-SIDED! to reflect when we first meet him at the beginning of the intermission until we last see him (at the time) in [S] Cascade.
  • slick himself is foam board and everything is collaged on.
  • clothing gloves and hat - i stiffened two different types of fabric (one softer and one rougher) by coating pieces of the fabrics with glue. i was then able to cut neat pieces of the fabric and glue them on for his clothing.
  • face - his face and scar are construction paper and his eyepatch is also white fabric stiffened with glue. each of his teeth and eyes are individually cut out pieces of a magazine cover.
  • revolver - doc scratchs revolver that hes holding is also cut out pieces of a magazine cover. i used a magazine cover because i wanted these particular parts to be shiny
  • metal arm - my teacher gave me this metallic cardstock-type paper to use and its perfect. i layered it on with each piece overlapping the next
  • shoes - his shoes are magazine clippings. again for the glossy-yet rough effect
  • base - wooden platform along with broken clock pieces and gears painted green just like how he destroyed the felts green clocks. and that is indeed a broken alarm clock stuck on 4:13. i pasted the 413 612 and 1025 numbers on  the clock for some inevitable significant-number-call-back

ok so thats about it??? hope you guys like him he took some time to finish! i got a 98 A on him!

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