I deconstructed the literal last-minute gathers I made in the overlay (no really I was sewing them on the drive to Sacramento!) because they bunched weirdly and there’s a monstrosity of a skirt underneath waiting to be released. 

After about a month, I finally had time. 

This is the monstrosity of a skirt. It is TOTALLY IMPRACTICAL and I love it so much but this stair picture is a last thing before chopping/pinning it off. 

Also I got liner fabric in the weekend I was back in SoCal and it is a lot of fun. 


Sorry it took a while to get back to you! First THANK YOU and second I used a green sequined velvet base and a studded black sheer overlay (I think organza?? actually not sure at all!), and the liner fabric is a green sequined chiffon. 

I do not understand how I missed this before.

Jegus for President.

 holy balls, that dress is gorgeous. <3                             

Oh god I can’t not reblog this. SO BEAUTIFUL T^T

This is god.

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